An attachment theory-based tool for meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

Research based.

Therapist recommended.

"Rupture is inevitable in all relationships, it is how we repair that matters. Turning Towards invites us to reflect inward, helps to identify what we bring to a relationship, and points us on the path towards true connection. We all desire to be seen, known, understood, and embraced— these insightful and inspiring questions open the door to more intimate and meaningful conversations that have the power to restore and heal relationships!"

Katie McKenzie, MAPC, LMHC

"Have you ever thought about couples therapy, but struggled to take the first step or to find the therapist that felt right for you and your partner? TT offers an approachable and enriching opportunity for anyone wanting to cultivate deeper and more meaningful relationships in their life. This is an amazing tool for anyone wanting to learn more about themselves and build a foundation for incredible relationships that last!"


"Turning Towards is a fantastic research-based and therapist recommended tool that is the perfect place to start your healing journey together. This is a must-have tool for healing relationships and growing together with those you love!"


"This powerful relationship tool offers the chance to reflect deeply, challenge what hasn’t worked, and change your relationships for the better. Not only do you have the opportunity to develop a healthier, stronger relationship with your significant other, but the opportunity to grow in self-awareness and your relationship with yourself as well!

Mental Health Counselor

"Turning Towards invites us to go deeper in exploring the relationships in our lives and how we respond to the harm and healing we have experienced in them. This tool brings hope for connection and growth, both for you as an individual and your relationships! Whether you are just starting out in a new relationship or have been with your partner for years, these thought-provoking questions help you to explore new depths and cultivate deeper intimacy than ever before."


Turning Towards

parts of us we may not like.

parts of us that we suppress.

parts of us that we didn't know existed.

a future where we know how to create meaningful relationships.

compassion and understanding for every part of ourselves.

Mindfully curated through research.

Turning Towards is one of the few card games that has been created based off of well-studied and widely accepted psychological theories. Unlike many other products on the market, these cards were made to invoke insight and connection.

What does a balanced relationship look like to you? Are your relationships balanced?

More than just a card game.

Enhance your understanding of how you relate to yourself and others in order to create healthy and secure relationships.

What would you argue most about in your relationships?

It is meant to stir up your feelings,
get emotionally intimate, and
ultimately, bring healing.