Card Categories

What are some actions we can take in times of stress when communication becomes difficult?


These questions are a way to learn more about where each one of you is at in your relationship in order to strengthen your connection.

What would you have done differently in your previous relationships?


The reflection category is broader and addresses more of the root causes of your attachment style and how you relate to others.

What makes you feel insecure in a relationship? What would you need to feel secure?


The repair category looks at your past and a means to bring healing to where there may have been rupture.

What unresolved issues from past relationships continue to show up for you?


The rupture category is the heaviest in terms of emotional vulnerability. When answering these questions, remember to be gentle with yourself and anyone partaking in the process with you.

Each category serves separate purposes with varying degrees of emotional vulnerability. It is recommended to go in the order of connection, reflection, repair, then rupture. The connection cards are meant to be used with a partner and the reflection, repair, and rupture cards can be used with a partner or individually as a journal prompt.