How to Use With Purpose


Find a safe and comfortable place to talk, journal, or reflect by yourself or with a partner.


If you are using the cards with someone else, create a safe space by being present, compassionate, and caring.


Pull a card – write down your thoughts in a journal or discuss your answer out loud. If using with a partner, take turns pulling cards until you feel called to stop.


If necessary, you may skip any cards that are beyond your comfort level.


Write or reflect on one thing you’ve learned about how you relate to others. Using your main takeaway, choose an actionable goal that you can apply to your relationships to move towards a more secure attachment style for the rest of the week.


If using with another person, also share something you learned about your partner and how they relate to others.


When you are done, take a moment to reground yourself. Put away the cards and do a self-care activity by yourself or with a partner.